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a genuine ability to love. The beauty of the lingam massage is that the pleasure is on both sides: the giver and the receiver. Follow MyTinySecrets on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. #6 Ring: Make a ring with your thumb and forefinger. The challenge many men face during this type of massage is letting go and focusing only on receiving. A woman touches a man sensually by incorporating a variety of grips and strokes. It means Staff of Life. The Lingam Massage is an intimate massage for the man; it is part of the tantra and erotic massages.

Make sure the oil is not hot; you dont want to burn him. #2 Anvil: This is the opposite of the Milker. NOT to get a man to ejaculate as fast as possible, instead its to expand his ability to receive pleasure and feel various types of sensations hes never felt before. A lingam is an ancient Sanskrit term used to describe the penis. Must Read: How To Give A Yoni Massage 12 Steps To Make It Life Changing For Her 12 Different Ways Of Stroking His Penis #1 The Milker: Milk your hands alternately up his lingam. I cant emphasize this enough. If the receiving partner is too cold or hot he wont be able to relax, go into his body and fully be in the experience. Get creative and most importantly let your intuition and his responses guide you. #2 Connect, begin by placing one hand on his heart center (in the middle of his chest) and your other hand on his genitals.

It expands a mans ability to receive pleasure and feel all the different levels of sensations in his body. Its a massage of the male genitals using a variety of grips and strokes. If your partner is not warm, he wont be able to relax, go into his body, or get into the experience. Now move over to his penis and hold it in your hands. Sit between his legs, or next to him, in a position thats comfortable for you. To fully experience all the different sensations, feelings and emotions, requires a lot of trust. #3 Corkscrew: Hold the base with one hand, stroke up the shaft to the head with the other hand and corkscrew your hand off the head. Each stroke can have a very different feeling and sensation. For many men this might be the first time they get touched this way. This is because for most men the slow approach of a lingam massage can be new and confusing to the mind and the body.

It requires the woman to be understanding and compassionate while he is adjusting and learning to let. Setting the right temperature is a key component of creating a relaxing ambiance. #11 Finger Pleasure: With the tip of your index finger make a circle where the shaft and head meet. Soft lighting music (without words) will add to the space. Any of these strokes can take him to orgasm. #4 Fire: Rub his lingam between both hands as if youre rubbing sticks to make a fire.

#5 Doorknob: Turn your hand around the head as if turning a doorknob. They can also cause very different feelings and sensations. A Lingam massage inspires you to revise your sexual limitations and to supersede them with more sexual fulfilment and a new quality of touch and experience. There are unlimited variations in the way a womans hands can be used. This type of massage can be relaxing, stimulating, erotic, liberating and leaving the man with a great sense of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Lingam is an ancient tantric term used to describe the penis. Before a man can give up control he needs to feel safe and trust the person who is giving him the massage.


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